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Are Your Computer Professionals Exempt or Non-Exempt?

Computer Professional Overtime Wage Exemption: We all know California is home to a multitude of Software and Computer related companies. We also know California is home to some of the most complicated employment laws.  It should be no surprise then, … Continue reading

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Performance Profiles Can Help You Make Better Hires

Performance profiles provide a way to describe desired results and deliverables you want from an employee who provides superior performance. They redefine “requirements” to reflect what “needs to be accomplished” rather than what a candidate (external or internal) needs to … Continue reading

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Vaction, Sick and PTO

Employers who wish to offer some paid time off to their employees have several different options for doing so.  However, employers also need to be aware that sick leave, vacation time and personal time off (PTO) policies all need to … Continue reading

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Don’t Pass on Good Candidates for Not-So-Good Reasons

Making hiring decisions solely based on the candidate’s resume will likely cause you to miss on some really talented people. It is important to remember that for most positions when you are considering candidates for employment you should be assessing … Continue reading

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