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Employee Assessment

How would your business change if you were confident that each person worked in a job that best used their inherent talents? Would this provide your company with employees who were interested, engaged, and committed?

By better understanding the people employed, your company can solve many of the most critical and expensive business problems - those associated with employee engagement and performance. With reliable information to make human resource decisions, your managers can successfully fit people to jobs in which they will excel, retain good employees, become better managers, improve service, and build more effective teams.

Employee Assessments can identify many employee-related challenges and provide you with opportunities to resolve these issues.
  • Inadequate team development
  • Deficient hiring practices
  • Poor job fit
  • Ineffective managers
  • Poor workforce development
  • High absenteeism and turnover
  • Substandard productivity
  • Lack of sales effectiveness
  • Poor customer service
  • Low employee engagement and motivation
  • Poor responses to stress and conflict

Skills and Abilities Assessments

To drive high performance in your organization, you need to identify, hire and retain the very best employees. Employee Assessments allow your company to understand and predict human performance and potential, ensuring you select the right person for the right job. They improve the quality and efficiency of your recruiting, qualifying, interviewing and selection processes, allowing you to make better hiring and promotion decisions and ensuring your employees will be a perfect fit in your company culture.
Human Resources Professional Group offers skills and abilities tests that improve your screening process by helping you quickly identify and select the most talented candidates. Skills tests are easy-to-use and administer, and are available for most job classifications.

Contact Us for more information on how assessments may improve your business results.

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