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Compensation Programs & Administration

A structured program of compensation is essential in optimizing good employee relations by establishing a meaningful and acceptable relationship between work and rewards. Work performed by employees should help the organization achieve its objectives as identified in the organization's overall business strategy which is supported by a clearly articulated total rewards program.

Characteristics of an effective compensation program include:

Internal Equity - Ensure the organization has determined the value for each job, its relationship to other jobs. Develop rules for pay adjustments.

External Competitiveness - Ensure that the organization's pay structure is competitive within the identified market.

Affordability - Ensure that the compensation system is affordable as compensation is an organization's largest single controllable expense.

Legally Compliant - Compensation programs must be administered in a legally compliant and defensible manner by adhering to specific laws such as Equal Employment, FLSA, and discrimination regulations.

Understandable - The compensation program must be easy to understand and communicate. Overly complicated systems are not readily accepted by employees nor defended by frontline leaders.

Efficient to Administer - The plan must be easily administered by the human resource team and, most importantly, by frontline management.

It is the role of the HRPG consultant to first understand what the organization wants to accomplish from its compensation system - the corporation's compensation philosophy. It is then HRPG's responsibility to help develop the necessary systems that will support the organization's compensation philosophy while adhering to the basic tenets.

Elements of compensation program development include:

  • Job Analysis
  • Position Descriptions
  • Job Evaluation
  • Local, Regional and National Compensation Surveys
  • Salary Structures and Progression Schedules
  • Incentive Pay Structures and Eligibility
  • Program Costing
  • Program Administration Guidelines
  • Implementation Guidelines

HRPG designs programs that include all elements of total rewards including base salary or wage, short-term incentive plans, long-term incentive plans and non- monetary incentives and rewards.

Programs are customized for all employee groups as well as the client's Executive Team, Board of Directors and/or Board of Advisors.

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Compensation Administration Human Resources Consulting San Diego
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