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Human Resources Legal Compliance

Human Resources Professional Group can help you keep abreast of the most recent developments in employment law. We ensure that your organization is always in compliance with federal and state regulations. Regulatory compliance continues to include a multitude of ever changing state and federal mandates. The cost of ensuring compliance continues to climb with each new regulation however, in many cases, small and medium sized businesses simply cannot keep up. HRPG works with client to assure compliance with Wage and Hour regulations. Compliance is attainable and affordable for all and through HRPG's compliance assessment, employers will have a thorough understanding of their compliance posture and more importantly, how to ensure compliance with all Wage and Hour practices, thereby reducing significantly financial liability. Failure to meet prescribed federal and state employment guidelines can mean serious consequences - regulator review of many of your employment files, unpaid wage liabilities, fines, court order compliance, and even jury trials. In many cases, an employer may not realize that company policies and procedures are not in compliance. HRPG is available to walk you through the compliance maze and bring your programs into compliance.

If your organization is contacted by a state or federal DOL agency, contact HRPG immediately to assist with the preparation and response to your compliance and recordkeeping practices.

HR Audits and Policy Review

Unsure if you are in regulatory compliance? Human Resources Professional Group will review your hiring practices, record keeping, human resources policies and past practices. Our audits and policy reviews include current status, regulatory requirements and recommendations for compliance.
An audit and policy review may consist of any or all of the following:
  • Assessment and analysis of all payroll practices to determine if the organization is properly meeting requirements for minimum wage, overtime, premium pay and recordkeeping requirements. This includes a review of all compensable and non-compensable working time to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.
  • Job descriptions and employment offers or agreements are reviewed to determine proper exempt or non-exempt classification as well as appropriate classification of commission-based, 1099 independent contractors and hourly employees. This includes assessment of all exempt/non-exempt pay plans to ensure compliance with the latest FLSA requirements as well as application of any partial exemptions.
  • Compensation plans are reviewed to include salary, commissions, bonus and other incentive payments, and other payment plans.
  • Review of recordkeeping procedures to ensure that all recordkeeping and retention requirements are being properly met.
  • Assessment and analysis of all personnel forms, personnel policies and procedures and other documentation to determine if required documents are being maintained both from a federal and state regulatory standpoint.
  • Assessment and analysis of all other applicable state and federal employment laws to include federal/state fair employment practices, COBRA, Immigration Reform, New Hire Reporting, FMLA, ADA, Equal Pay, EEOC, and others.
  • Assessment of current human resource practices to determine effectiveness based on HR best practices.
The audit is followed up by a thorough detailed report which not only contains specific recommendations for improvement, but also supplementary material which can be used as an on-going reference guide.

Employee Handbooks and Policy/Procedure Manuals

An employee handbook is the cornerstone of an effective employer-employee relationship. Employee handbooks are proactive communications tools wherein employees have a comprehensive understanding of what they can expect from their employer and what their employer expects from them.

Development and implementation of policies in accordance with the multitude of federal and state employment laws is one of the most important human resource systems an employer can implement. In addition to the number of reasons an employer should develop an employee handbook, one of the most important reasons is avoiding miscommunications and subsequent basis for defense when there is alleged wrong doing such as an EEOC charge, wrongful termination or employment lawsuits.

HRPG has developed, reviewed and/or advised a large number of clients concerning their employee handbooks and policy manuals. HRPG has highly experienced consultants dedicated to the review and development of employee handbooks that are not only compliant to federal and state employment regulations, but also are proactive communications documents.

Equally as important, is the training of supervisors and managers on the employee handbook and related employment law matters. Training programs can be provided to include employee handbook, Family and Medical Leave Act, Workplace Harassment Discrimination Prevention, Union Avoidance, Employee Evaluations and Discipline, just to name a few. An employer can do itself a favor by training its supervisors and managers on the basic do's and don'ts as relates to this handbook and to all federal and state employment matters.

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Legal Compliance Human Resources Consulting San Diego

Legal Compliance Human Resources Consulting San Diego

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