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What is Employee Relations?

Employee Relations involves the ongoing efforts of companies to maintain employer-employee relationships that contribute to a high level of productivity, motivation and morale. A solid employee relations program is concerned with preventing and resolving problems that arise out of every day work situations. Handling employment issues can make or break the best of companies. Poor morale, inconsistent performance management, or a lack of necessary policies and procedures can interfere with your business goals if left unattended. A knowledgeable HR consultant can bring these potential pitfalls to your attention well before you experience negative consequences.

HRPG Employee Relations Services

Human Resources Professional Group works with you to identify the trouble spots and find solutions. Our employee relations consulting services cover a range of areas, including: conducting complaint investigations, offering coaching sessions to improve performance, developing feedback and communications programs, and much more.

Guidance is provided to supervisors on how to correct poor performance and employee misconduct.  Regulatory requirements must be considered in implementing disciplinary actions that resolve employee grievances. Information is provided to employees to assist them in correcting poor performance, promote a better understanding of management's goals and policies, clarify on or off duty misconduct, and/or to address personal issues that affect them in the workplace. 

Employee relations consulting services provide support to your managers and human resources team as you attempt to reconcile issues of policy interpretation, workplace equity, compliance with a variety of employment regulations and "interventions" related to performance, communications and behavioral issues.

When looking to hire an employee relations consultant, don't forget that your goal is not to hire a company psychologist but rather an arbitrator. This is the person who will work out problems between employees, or between employer and employee. The employee relations consultant will ensure managerial development as well as dispute resolution.

Human Resources Professional Group is ready to assist at the level that is most comfortable for your organization.

Contact HRPG today to discuss the employee relations issues that are most pressing for your organization, and we'll develop a customized solution to address your needs.

HRPG Services

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Employee Relations Human Resources Consulting San Diego

Employee Relations Human Resources Consulting San Diego

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