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Client Recommendations

“I have utilized the services of Renee/HRPG several times at different companies. Renee and her team of qualified HR consultants are a pleasure to work with and have always delivered high caliber HR services to my companies. Whether your needs are recruiting, training, organizational effectiveness or everything in-between, Renee/HRPG will provide exemplary HR consulting services to your organization. Two thumbs up, way up!!”
Emily Derr, SPHR, Human Resources Director, Ambit Pharmaceuticals

“Renee has put together a stellar team of experts in the human resource field to provide any and all services necessary to run an efficient human resource department at any size company. I hired Renee and her company, HRPG, a number of years ago to manage all of our human resource needs at Telmex USA. The services that they provided from recruiting to on-boarding to payroll were exemplary. Every step of the way her team participated as an integral part of our management team and was highly respected by all employees. I highly recommend that you reach out to Renee if you need help with any HR needs.”
Linda Lattimore, Corporate Attorney

“I'm pleased to recommend Renee at HRPG. Renee and her employees at Human Resources Professional Group bring the utmost professionalism and expertise to their clients. AmCheck also trusts HRPG to deliver unmatched on-site HR consulting services for our clients here in the San Diego Business Community and time and time again we receive positive feedback regarding their performance. It's my pleasure to know and work with such a trustworthy organization founded by Renee. For all of your HR needs, I recommend that you contact Renee!!!”
Fred Patterson III, District Sales Manager, AmCheck

“My partners and I at our Employee Benefits Brokerage firm, Discovery Benefit Solutions have been working with Renee/HRPG for several years now. We continue to hire (& re-hire) HRPG every year to provide HR consulting and services because her team provides the results and support that our employer group clients need. In today's economy with smaller HR teams on site, employers are really leaning on their outsourced partners like our team of brokers and vendors like HRPG to help assist with workload and advice. Renee and the HRPG team have been an excellent resource for our clients, at a great value -- examples include (but are not limited to) - helping provide HR/Employee training seminars, telephonic consulting regarding HR rules and regulations, employee handbook assistance etc. We highly recommend them.”
Michael Pondrom, Broker/Partner, Discovery Benefits Solutions

“Renee did an excellent job for HK Plastics Eng, Inc. Her unique business model delivers results quickly and cost effectively. Renee led us through good times and bad, and provided professional, informative, and productive advice on how best to handle recruiting, benefits, and other HR issues. Renee is incredibly creative, focused and gifted business leader and it has been a real pleasure to work for and with her. I will certainly use her for future HR needs.”
Lilia Haro, PHR, Human Resources Manager, HK Plastics Engineering

“Renee was a great asset to me for our internal needs and in many instances as a trusted professional to supply outsourced HR services to many of my emerging growth and start-up clients.”
Joel Grushkin, Chairman Equity Ventures, DHR International

“I highly recommend Renee and HRPG services. We have engaged HRPG services for several of our clients and the results have been fantastic. HRPG are experts in human resources, are easy to work with and provide tremendous value at their price point.

We have received nothing but rave reviews from our clients on their experience in working with Renee and her firm, which in turn makes AmCheck look good. Thank you HRPG!”
Scott Maichel, Partner, AmCheck

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